Welcome to the Krishna global business’s

We are India’s one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Candles from India. We have a very good Experience of  Indian traditional as well as new modern  concept in candle manufacturing and we are proud to present you, the finest candle products in national as well as international market.
We offer a beautiful selection of Floating Candles, Aroma Candles, T-light holder, Color changing Candles, Pattern Candles, Potpourri, Pillar Candles, Square/Cubical Candles , Designer Candles, Gel Candles and extensive Co-ordinate scented candle collections featuring,soothing fragrance, exquisite design, better illumination, vibrant colors and unique appearance and a wide range of unscented candle options and more .
We also offer an assortment of accessories to compliment your candle products.
Our goal is to make confidence  that you do not only get a Quality Indian made candle, but to make sure that we offer candles that suit everyone's style and needs.. From traditional colors to bright accent candles, from small to large from heavily scented to unscented, we strive to make the candles that will give the consumers of our products what they want to have.